Living cost in Turkey

Living cost in Turkey

Living cost is very important for people who want to live in turkey. If you are planning to buy a house in Istanbul, you need to be aware of the expenses.

The lowest salary in Turkey

The lowest salary is 1870 tl in a month that the employer needs to pay insurance and retirement fees  SGK along with it, to the government.

The living expenses in different cities of turkey

Like every other place in the world, living cost in a city is high. Istanbul is the most demanding city in Turkey which is due to its touristic and trading attractions. Costs like rents, daily expenses and transportation is also high accordingly. You can have a proper life with 5000 liras a month excluding the house mortgage or rents.

The cost of living is noticeably lower in cities near Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. Living cost is about 20% higher than the other touristic destinations like Fethiye. A foreigner owning a house in Fethiye, can have a proper life with 3000 lira a month.

Living cost details

Drinks and smoking

During last few years, turkey set a high tax for drinks and cigarettes. Which can affect your budget. An smoker or a drinker needs to pay 600-900 lira a month for drinks and cigarette.

Driving and car maintenance

Although the fuel cost is not as high as countries like Greece and Portugal but still is two times more than America and Russia. That is why many Turkish people drive with diesel owners need to pay 3000 lira for car expenses like technical issues and insurance.

House bills

The cable TV is 700 lira monthly but you don’t need to take it.

Electricity: 150 liras a month

Water: 40 liras a month

Monthly house maintenance fee: 100 to 500 lira according to facilities in the building

Tax: 200 lira dependent on the type of deed and house value

Insurance: Earthquake fee is compulsory. Its rate differs based on the location and the size of the house between 200 to 400 lira.

Telephone and internet: there is fee fight between tv channels and Turkish telecommunication company. Each of them offer good deals to attract customers. Turk telecom company gets 70 lira a month for limitless internet, telephone line, and Turkish and English TV channels.

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