Buying house in installments

Buying house in installments

There are many websites for buying houses in instalment which we are not aware of their accuracy.

Some houses in Turkey are not saleable or doesn’t have any official deed.

As a foreigner we don’t know about this information and just a lawyers know about their details.  The best way of getting residency in turkey is through buying house with price of more than 250000 dollars.  This is the latest law for foreigners.

Most of the advertisement about these houses are in 20, 40 or 50 percent deposit and the rest can be paid in 26, 40 … months. The only advantage of this is getting a house with low money.

But there will be no deed under your name until you pay the whole money. You may even lose your house if you don’t pay your instalments.

Buying a house in instalment looks like you have rented a place and can’t make it under your name before you finish all the instalments. During this time, you can’t apply for residency. And there will no guarantee of changing law while you are paying your debts.

The contract you are making is very important, so it is better to consult with an experienced lawyer in this field who are dominant in Turkish laws and language.

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